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Each week we select a Small Blacks Player of the Week to be featured here. It could be you! Just tell us who you are and why you (or someone you know!) deserve to be this week's Player of the Week. Just fill in the form below and click 'Apply'.

Payton Smyth

  • Team:
  • Greytown
  • Position:
  • Halfback

Payton is awesome and always showing the other team her way to play rugby.

  • Darby Smyth

    Team: Greytown
    Position: 1st five
  • Jackson Todd

    Team: ECB J5 Green
    Position: Back
  • Harlee Rae Heurea

    Team: Tukapa Red U7
    Position: Everywhere
  • George Baker

    Team: Bush
    Position: Prop
  • Harlem Evans

    Team: Carterton U10 Vipers
    Position: Halfback
  • Jimmy Jephson

    Team: Carterton U13 King Cobras
    Position: Fly Half
  • Frankie Ward

    Team: Carterton U8 Boas
    Position: Fullback
  • Leo Avery

    Team: Newlands Bears and Spartans
    Position: First 5
  • Isaac Prebble

    Team: Rip Red Dragons
    Position: Anywhere
  • Paige Avery

    Team: Newlands Raiders
    Position: Forward/Lock
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