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Liam Dulver

  • Team:
  • HOBM Lions
  • Position:
  • Fast

Liam had his second only game of Rippa rugby – 7 tries in two games. He also got player of the day. He is really enjoying playing Rippa rugby.

  • Matheus Van Groenedaal

    Team: St Joseph's Cowboys (Te Kuiti)
    Position: Rippa rugby
  • Jack Campbell

    Team: Year 3 Southern Ravens
    Position: Halfback
  • Emma Grenfell

    Team: Linwood Frank's
    Position: Anywhere
  • Paora Drake

    Team: Waikanae Lions
    Position: 2nd 5/8
  • Rian Hocken

    Team: FSMR Under 8
    Position: Back
  • Faith Uila

    Team: U9 Avalon Rugby Club (Wolfpack)
    Position: Backline
  • Rugger

    Team: Ruggerland
    Position: 1st 5 8
  • CJ

    Team: Siilverdale rugby (j3 green)
    Position: Lots
  • Noah Gregory

    Team: Te Rarawa Under 11s and Mangonui Under 10 Reps and Captain
    Position: Lock – number 5
  • Enoka Shea Reynolds

    Team: Pirates Sparrows
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